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Why Luxury Backyard Living

Luxury Backyard Living recognizes the importance of selecting the perfect pergola, cabana, or luxury shed. Our goal is to simplify this decision-making process by showcasing the compelling factors that set Luxury Backyard Living products apart.

Learn What Makes Us Exceptional

Made in the USA - Direct from the Manufacturer

Luxury Backyard Living manufactures and sells all of our products from our headquarters in Southeast Michigan. By offering our pergolas, cabanas, and luxury sheds direct to our customers nationwide we’re able to offer our customers more value for their investment.

Unparalleled Quality for Products that Last a Lifetime

Each and every Luxury Backyard Living product is meticulously engineered and manufactured using the highest quality materials. This means your pergola, cabana, or luxury shed will stay looking fresh and new for years to come, without you needing to worry about constant upkeep.

Extruded Aluminum

Our heavy-gauge extruded aluminum components offer heavy-duty strength, superior to roll-form aluminum, vinyl, and wood materials in other products. Tested and proven to withstand snow and wind load.

Bonded Thermal Foam

Our Wall System leads the industry in structural strength, insulation, durability and design. This material is so structurally sound its designed to withstand even hurricane-force winds.

Durable Electrostatic Finish

Our electrostatic finish with Duracron is resistant to all types of damage, including rust, rot, chalking, cracking, and peeling, and provides a virtually maintenance-free life to your product.

Easy to Assemble, True Do-It-Yourself

Whether it’s one of our pergolas, cabanas, or luxury sheds, every Luxury Backyard Living product is designed to be easy to assemble by the average homeowner in just hours rather than days. To ensure this we provide an easy-to-follow installation guide and step-by-step installation video with every product we offer.

Our Products, Our Promise: A Warranty that Holds Strong

As a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality, we engineer and manufacture all our products using the finest materials, enabling us to provide one of the industry's most robust warranties.

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Fixed and Operable models.
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Thermal roof with Skyview feature.
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Luxury Sheds

Weatherproof backyard resorts that provide comfort and privacy.
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